Prior to Attack, Yadav Advocated for Clarification from Chinese Ambassador

Nepali Congress Joint-General Secretary Mahendra Yadav survived a fatal attack as he was leaving an event at the Reporters Club. The assailant, identified as 47-year-old Shyam Babu Sapkota from Nuwakot District, allegedly used a sharp weapon in the assault.

Fortunately, swift police action led to the apprehension of the attacker responsible for targeting Mahendra Yadav. Following the attack, Minister Yadav was immediately rushed to a trauma center for urgent medical treatment. Thankfully, his condition is now stable, and he is out of the danger zone.

Amidst the unfolding events, a pivotal question emerges:

Why was Yadav attacked?

The motive behind the attack appears to be related to Minister Yadav’s recent objections to statements made by China’s ambassador to Nepal, Chen Song. Ambassador Song had made controversial remarks about Nepal-India relations and Nepal’s economic situation during an event held last Saturday in Kathmandu. His comments, seen as undiplomatic, drew widespread criticism.

Minister Yadav, who had attended the same event at the Reporters Club, had raised concerns about Ambassador Song’s statements. He also highlighted China’s exclusion of Nepal’s territory in their new map, despite Nepal including it in their updated map. Furthermore, he pointed out that despite China’s reluctance to assist Nepal during the COVID-19 pandemic, India had consistently offered support.

Yadav called upon the foreign ministry to seek clarification from the Chinese ambassador regarding his statements. The sudden attack on him has raised suspicions, as it appears to be linked to the issues he raised about Ambassador Song’s controversial remarks.

Authorities have arrested Shyam Babu Sapkota, the assailant who attacked Yadav, and are currently conducting an interrogation to uncover further details surrounding the incident.



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