Promotion Recommendation of Four SSPs of Nepal Police to DIG

The Ministry of Home Affairs has recommended the promotion of four Senior Superintendents of Police (SSPs) to the rank of Deputy Inspector General (DIG) late on Friday night.

The promotion committee has put forward the names of SSPs Krishnahari Sharma Pokharel, Dan Bahadur Karki, Dr. Manoj Kumar KC, and Rajan Adhikari for the promotion to DIG.

This decision comes following the recent promotion of Umeshraj Joshi and Bhim Prasad Dhakal to Additional Inspector General (AIG), which left two DIG posts vacant. Additionally, the retirement of DIG Bikasraj Khanal due to the age limit created another vacancy, making a total of three vacant DIG positions.

Furthermore, with DIG Surendra Mainali set to retire due to the age limit on Jestha 10 BS, the number of vacant DIG posts will increase to four.

Among the recommended officers, Krishnahari Sharma is a batchmate of the current Inspector General of Police (IGP) Basanta Bahadur Kunwar, having joined the police service on Kartik 27, 2052 BS. Meanwhile, Dan Bahadur Karki, Manoj KC, and Rajan Adhikari all joined on Chaitra 18, 2054 BS.

With these promotions, the four newly appointed DIGs will become key contenders in the future race for the position of Inspector General.


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