‘Ram Lalla Will No Longer Stay in a Tent, but in a Magnificent Temple’

In a poignant and heartfelt speech today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed his immense joy and satisfaction as the idol of Lord Ram was consecrated in the Ram Temple in Ayodhya. Addressing the nation after the historic ‘pran pratishtha’ ceremony, the Prime Minister conveyed his emotions, describing how his “throat is choked and body is still shaking” on this momentous occasion.

“Today, our Ram has arrived, after generations of wait. On this auspicious occasion, congratulations to everyone. There’s so much to tell but, but there’s a lump in my throat,” remarked Prime Minister Modi, visibly moved by the significance of the day. He continued, “Ram Lalla will not stay in a tent. He will now stay in the magnificent temple. Jan 22, 2024, is not merely a date but marks the advent of a new era.”

Reflecting on the protracted legal battle over the existence of Lord Ram, which spanned decades, the Prime Minister expressed gratitude to the judiciary of India for delivering justice. “Ram is mentioned in the first verse in our Constitution, yet it took so many decades for this to happen. That Constitutional finally holds true to its mention,” he stated, emphasizing the historical and constitutional importance of the event.

In a gesture of humility and reverence, Prime Minister Modi also issued an apology to Lord Shri Ram. “Today, I also apologize to Lord Shri Ram. There must be something lacking in our effort, sacrifice, and penance that we could not do this work for so many centuries. Today the work has been completed. I believe that Lord Shri Ram will definitely forgive us today.”

Describing his journey from Sagar to Saryu, the Prime Minister highlighted the festive spirit that enveloped the entire route, resonating with the name of Ram. “I got the opportunity to travel from Sagar to Saryu. From Sagar to Saryu, the same festive spirit of Ram’s name is visible everywhere,” he said, illustrating the widespread jubilation and celebration surrounding this momentous occasion.

Concluding his address, Prime Minister Modi shared profound thoughts about the essence of Lord Ram, stating, “Ram is not fire, Ram is energy. Ram is not a dispute, Ram is the solution. Ram is not just ours, Ram is everyone’s. Ram is not current, Ram is eternal.”

Earlier in the day, the ‘pran pratishtha’ ceremony for the Ram Lalla idol took place in Ayodhya, a celebration that resonated across India and among Indians abroad. The occasion was likened to a ‘Diwali,’ symbolizing the joy and festivity surrounding Ram’s homecoming after the epic battle with Ravan. The consecration of the Ram Temple marks a historic milestone and the realization of a cherished dream for millions of devotees.


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  1. 🙏 Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in a heartfelt speech after the consecration of Lord Ram’s idol in Ayodhya, expressed immense joy and satisfaction. He described the day as the arrival of Lord Ram after generations of waiting, with a choked throat and a trembling body. PM Modi emphasized that Ram Lalla will no longer stay in a tent but in a magnificent temple, marking the dawn of a new era. He thanked the Indian judiciary for delivering justice and acknowledged the historical significance of the event, even issuing an apology to Lord Shri Ram in a gesture of humility. 🌅🇮🇳 #RamMandir #NarendraModi #LordRam

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