Readiness to take risk for result-oriented performance: PM Prachanda

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has said both the politicos and bureaucrats’ readiness to take risks would help in result-oriented performance.

“Employees must be ready to take risks as per their mandate,” he stressed. PM Prachanda said it while addressing a programme organized to review the implementation of policy, programmes, and budget of the fiscal year, 2080/81 at his office in Singha Durbar on Wednesday.

PM Prachanda further viewed that all of us should carry out assigned responsibilities. Shirking does not ensure results, he added.

“It is a good initiation to make a monthly review of policy and programme and budget, which would help achieve a result,” he underscored.

On the occasion, Secretary at Prime Minister’s Office Dr. Ganesh Prasad Pande claimed that the country witnessed comparatively better economic indicators. The remittance inflow was recorded at Rs 1220.56 billion this year which was however at Rs 1007.31 billion last year. Similarly, balance of payment also improved in 2079/80 as compared to 2078/89.

In the current fiscal, the foreign currency reserve stands at Rs 1539.36 billion while it was Rs 1215.8 billion in the previous year.

The budget spending in the month of Saun in 2079 was 1.24 percent which increased to 1.9 percent in the same period this year, according to Dr Pandey.

The report card contains details of the works carried out by various ministries in the current fiscal year and its progress details. According to the report card, a draft of the new customs act was presented in the council of ministers; a draft on policy to promote small and medium-scale industries was prepared; a sub-station with 33 KV was constructed in the special economic zone at Bhairahawa and another sub-station was built in a special economic zone at Simara in the current fiscal year.

Likewise, it was mentioned in the report card that the Ministry of Energy, Water Resources and Irritation completed the remaining works of the transmission line of the Sanchen Hydropower Project (42.5 mega watts) while the construction of additional three kilometers of the canal under the Babai Irrigation Project has been completed.

The report card includes details such as milestones achieved by all ministries, recent accomplishments, and the list of works that are ongoing and those not initiated yet.

Among the 10 milestones of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development, three were completed four going on, and three are yet to be initiated.

Regarding the Ministry of Water Supply, among the four milestones, three were accomplished while one was ongoing. As for the Ministry of Home Affairs, of the nine milestones, eight were accomplished.

Among the three milestones of the Ministry of Land Management, Cooperatives, and Poverty Alleviation, two had been achieved while one was undergoing. The Ministry of Women, Children, and Senior Citizens accomplished two milestones out of eight while five were ongoing.

Ministry of Youth and Sports achieved two milestones out of four while the remaining two going on. The Ministry of Defence achieved four milestones out of 15 while two were ongoing.

Moreover, the Ministry of Forest and Environment achieved three milestones out of give while the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology achieved 24 out of 31 milestones while eight were ongoing, the report card stated.

Furthermore, the report card divulged that the Ministry of Law, Employment and Social Security achieved four milestones, the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation one, the Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration, and the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology three each, Ministry of Urban Development one, Ministry of Health and Population four, Office of Prime Minister and Council of Ministry two, National Planning Commission one, National Vigilance Centre, Public Procurement Monitoring office two.

Although there has been a good improvement in the implementation of policies and programmes of the government for the current fiscal year compared to the previous year, there was not so much tangible progress made as per the target, said the report card.


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