Recount of Votes for Mayoral Election in Byas Scheduled for June 16

A recount of votes for the mayoral election in Byas municipality of Tanahu has been scheduled for June 16, following a High Court order.

The latest local level elections, including in Byas municipality, were held on May 13, 2022. However, on May 14, 2023, the High Court, Patan ordered a recount of the votes. The full text of the order was released on Friday, mandating the recount to be completed within a month.

The recounting will commence at 10:00 am on June 16 at the meeting hall of the High Court in Pokhara. A division bench comprising judges Rajan Prasad Bhattarai and Nirmala Poudel Bhattarai annulled the previous vote count, ordering a fresh recount.

The recount order follows a petition filed by mayoral candidate Deepak Raj Joshi on May 26, 2022, alleging vote count rigging. Joshi claimed irregularities in the counting process, prompting the court to intervene.

In the original election results, Baikuntha Neupane was declared the winner with 12,078 votes, narrowly defeating Joshi, who secured 11,826 votes.

During the election, Joshi was allegedly assaulted after ballots were torn at Risti in Byas municipality-8, leading to a re-vote in that ward.

The upcoming recount aims to ensure the accuracy and fairness of the election results, addressing the concerns raised by Joshi and restoring confidence in the electoral process.


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