Renowned Pilot Bijay Lama to Enter Politics, Plans Active Involvement Within Four Years

In an interview with, Bijay Lama, a distinguished senior captain of Nepal Airlines, known for his exceptional piloting skills, has expressed his intentions to venture into the political realm.

Lama, renowned for his bold and courageous nature, has already established his name as an artist and not only as an artist but also as a highly accomplished pilot. Now, driven by his commitment to fight for the rights of every Nepali citizen, he sets his sights on the path of politics.

When asked about his motivations for entering the political arena, Lama revealed his profound desire to advocate for the welfare of the people. “This country is also mine,” he emphasized, “I am approaching politics with a sincere heart, not to appease a select few or engage in deceit, but to be a voice for the people and support them.”

Lama expressed his resolve to contribute to the formulation of sound policies and regulations that would benefit the nation as a whole. While he contemplates joining politics, he has yet to finalize his decision regarding which political party to align himself with or the specific approach he will take. He made it clear that he aspires to achieve tangible outcomes rather than occupying a mere position within the party ranks.

The seasoned pilot, who is being ready to be a politician had wished engaging in politics during last year’s elections. However, due to his personal commitments, he was unable to pursue this aspiration at the time. Lama remains determined, stating, “Within the next four years, I will actively participate in politics. Where there is a will, there is a way. I intend to demonstrate my commitment to the people through tangible actions within the political arena.”

This article draws upon an interview conducted by with Vijay Lama, and presents a translated excerpt from their original report.

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