Revenue Collection from Traffic Violations Reaches Rs 797.1 Million

Public revenue amounting to Rs 797.1 million has been amassed from road traffic violators nationwide during the initial six months of the current fiscal year.

This substantial revenue was accrued through the enforcement of penalties against a staggering 1,052,055 drivers throughout the reporting period. Notably, the Kathmandu Valley contributed Rs 322.2 million to this total, followed by Rs 78.7 million from the Koshi province, Rs 100.5 million from Madhes, Rs 70.8 million from Bagmati, Rs 81.8 million from Gandaki, Rs 93.8 million from Lumbini, Rs 15.6 million from Karnali, and Rs 24.2 million from Sudurpaschim province.

Diverse sources of revenue were identified, including Rs 151.9 million from truck/tanker violations, Rs 92 million from bus/mini-bus infractions, Rs 189 million from car/jeep/van offenses, Rs 28.8 million from tractor violations, Rs 311.7 million from motorbike offenses, and Rs 25.3 million from tempo and other vehicle violations.

Central Police Newsroom data revealed that over 1.52 million vehicle drivers were subjected to punitive measures during this period. Motorbike riders constituted the highest proportion of traffic rule breaches, prompting the enforcement of the most actions.

The significant revenue collected underscores the commitment of law enforcement agencies to uphold traffic regulations and ensure road safety nationwide.


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