RSP to pile pressure for regular supply of Melamchi water

The Rastriya Swatantra Party (RSP) has declared its intent to intensify pressure on the government and stakeholders to ensure a consistent water supply in the Kathmandu Valley through the Melamchi drinking water project. In a parliamentary party meeting held on Friday, the RSP outlined plans for a program set to take place on February 4.

Nisha Dangi, the RSP whip in the parliamentary party, revealed that all 21 RSP Members of Parliament will convene at Melamchi bazaar before embarking on a visit to the Melamchi drinking water project site. As a symbolic gesture, they will carry empty water vessels, emphasizing the urgent need for progress on the crucial water supply project.

The RSP, known for its leaders’ treks to apply pressure on stakeholders for timely completion of stalled infrastructure projects, is launching a two-month program commencing on February 4. The initiative aims to address issues in 21 infrastructure projects with subpar performance.

RSP lawmaker Binita Kathayat assured that these activities would not disrupt parliamentary proceedings, emphasizing their commitment to concurrently carry out their responsibilities in the parliament and parliamentary committee meetings.

In addition to the protest and infrastructure campaign, the RSP is gearing up to introduce five non-governmental bills in the upcoming parliamentary session. Nisha Dangi stated, “We will disclose details about the bills shortly,” highlighting the party’s multifaceted approach to address both immediate concerns and long-term legislative initiatives.


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