Ruling coalition to field 3 candidates for vice-president

The coalition partners of the ruling alliance have decided to field three leaders as candidates for the post of Vice President.

The parties at a meeting of the alliance held at the prime minister’s residence on Saturday decided to register the candidacies of the three candidates as they could not agree on a common candidate.

One candidate from the Janamat Party, and two from the Janata Samajbadi Party will be contesting for the post of the Vice President.

JSP will field a male and a female but the names have yet to be finalized while Janamat Party will field Mamata Jha. Top coalition leaders will again meet on Sunday to finalize a single candidate.

CPN-UML earlier on Saturday picked Vice-chair Ashta Laxmi Shakya as the party’s candidate for vice-president.

hakya is a former chief minister of the Bagmati Province. She is also the first female chief minister of Nepal.

The Election Commission has scheduled the vice-presidential election for March 17. The parties must nominate their candidates on March 11.


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