Sambhav Sirohiya: New Managing Director of KMG

Sambhav Sirohiya has been named the new Managing Director of Kantipur Media Group (KMG). The decision was reached during a board meeting held on Monday.

Sirohiya, a veteran of over a decade within Kantipur Media Group and a former CEO, brings with him a wealth of experience, including leadership roles in various information technology-related companies.

Prior to Sambhav Sirohiya’s appointment, Chairman Kailash Sirohiya had been fulfilling the role of Managing Director. Chairman Sirohiya congratulated the newly appointed Managing Director and emphasized the importance of teamwork in Kantipur’s success, assuring that this collaborative spirit will endure in the future.

He also expressed his commitment to remaining a guardian of the institution and encouraged all stakeholders to work diligently under the new management.

Sambhav Sirohiya assumed his role as Managing Director promptly following his appointment. He expressed a firm commitment to maintaining the editorial independence that Kantipur has upheld throughout its 30-year history.

“Editorial freedom is an integral part of Kantipur’s identity,” Sirohiya stated. “The core principles and values that Kantipur holds dear will remain unchanged. With three decades of experience within the Kantipur family, I understand that preserving editorial independence has been pivotal to our current position.”

He further emphasized that regardless of his new position, Kantipur’s commitment to editorial freedom will remain unwavering.

Sirohiya acknowledged the numerous challenges faced by the field of journalism and asserted that the leadership of KMG is dedicated to overcoming them.

“We have a responsibility not only to sustain our newspapers, radio, and TV but also to preserve the essence of professional journalism,” he declared. “To overcome the challenges facing journalism today, we need to assess what journalism means to us, how content is generated, and how it adapts to the changing landscape.”

Sirohiya also noted the economic difficulties affecting both national and international markets, which have taken a toll on the media industry. He pledged to work diligently to address the economic challenges faced by Kantipur Media Group.


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