Senator Raises Alarming Concerns Over Surge in Chinese Migrants, Calls for Accountability

Senator Roger Marshall (R-Kan.) has sounded the alarm over a significant surge in Chinese migrants crossing into the United States illegally. Expressing deep concerns about the potential national security implications, Senator Marshall highlighted the pressing need for immediate action.

Senator Marshall’s apprehensions were articulated in a letter addressed to Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas back in September. Despite raising crucial questions regarding the surge in Chinese illegal migrants, Senator Marshall disclosed that he has yet to receive any response from the Secretary.

In an exclusive interview with NTD, Senator Marshall reiterated the urgency of the situation, emphasizing the lack of transparency regarding the backgrounds and intentions of these migrants. Citing the alarming rise in fentanyl poisoning and human trafficking cases, Senator Marshall underscored the imperative of understanding the role of Chinese migrants in exacerbating these issues.

According to data from U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), encounters with Chinese nationals along the U.S. northern and southern borders have surged dramatically. Fiscal year 2023 witnessed over 52,000 encounters, nearly doubling the figures from the previous fiscal year. The trend has persisted, with CBP reporting over 30,000 encounters in the first four months of 2024 alone.

Senator Marshall’s concerns extend beyond sheer numbers; he raised suspicions regarding potential ties to China’s People’s Liberation Army among these migrants. Highlighting the gravity of the situation, Senator Marshall co-sponsored the “No Asylum for CCP Spies Act” last year, seeking to prevent CCP members from seeking asylum in the United States.

Moreover, Senator Marshall is among a group of Senate Republicans advocating for a robust impeachment trial against Secretary Mayorkas. Their calls for accountability were underscored by recent House proceedings, marking the first impeachment of a Cabinet secretary in almost 150 years. With impeachment charges centered on Mayorkas’s handling of the border crisis, Senator Marshall emphasized the need for Senate action to address the pressing concerns of the American public.

Recent polls indicate widespread dissatisfaction with the government’s handling of illegal immigration, with 80 percent of Americans expressing disapproval, including a significant majority of Democrats. Against the backdrop of over 8.8 million illegal crossings since President Biden assumed office, Senator Marshall’s calls for accountability resonate strongly with the American public.


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