Six Arrested for Deceptive Promises of Canadian Opportunities

Authorities in Pokhara Metropolitan City Ward No. 10 have apprehended six individuals, including two foreigners, for their involvement in an elaborate scam that exploited the hopes of Nepali citizens seeking opportunities in Canada.

The arrests, conducted by the District Police Office, Kaski, were made following reports of individuals being summoned for interviews. Among those detained are Parvati Sunar (65), Rita Sunar (37), Seema Sunar (32), and Pradeep Upadhyay (38), all Nepali citizens. Additionally, Canadian national Rakesh Jaiswal and Indian citizen Ishmit Kaur were also taken into custody.

Parvati Sunar, a resident of Pokhara, is alleged to have masterminded the scheme by falsely promising individuals that her daughter, based in Canada, possessed the means to facilitate Canadian visas and job placements. The modus operandi involved charging a hefty Rs 2,000 as an interview fee per person, claiming that foreign interviewers were present for the process.

Furthermore, reports suggest that the group demanded an exorbitant Rs 3 million from individuals who successfully passed the interviews. This elaborate scam had preyed on the aspirations of unsuspecting Nepalis seeking better prospects abroad.

The District Police Office is conducting a thorough investigation into the matter to unveil the full extent of the fraudulent operation. Charges are expected to be filed against the suspects in accordance with the law. Authorities have also issued a warning to the public to remain vigilant against such deceptive schemes and report any suspicious activities to law enforcement agencies.

This incident highlights the importance of thorough verification and caution when dealing with promises of overseas opportunities, urging individuals to rely on legitimate channels for immigration and employment purposes.


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