Speaker Devraj Ghimire Optimistic About Productive Winter Session in Parliament

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Devraj Ghimire, has expressed confidence that the upcoming winter session of the parliament will be more effective and result-oriented. Addressing the first meeting of the third session of the House of Representatives today, Speaker Ghimire outlined his expectations for the session, emphasizing the passage of crucial bills, addressing public concerns, and providing strategic guidance to the government.

Speaker Ghimire underscored the importance of unity among political parties, calling for collaboration on matters of national interest. He urged parliamentarians to support the enhancement of parliamentary activities and practices by adhering to the principles of the rule of law, transparency, and accountability.

A notable development highlighted by Speaker Ghimire is the initiation of a new practice with the implementation of a routine of activities starting from this session. This move aims to bring a structured approach to parliamentary proceedings, potentially fostering a more efficient and organized legislative environment.

As the winter session unfolds, expectations are high for meaningful discussions, the passage of key legislation, and a collective commitment to addressing the needs and concerns of the public. The Speaker’s call for unity and adherence to democratic principles sets a positive tone for the parliamentary proceedings in the weeks to come.


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