Speaker Ghimire’s message on new year

Speaker of the House of Representatives Devraj Ghimire has extended best wishes on the occasion of New Year 2081, while wishing for a progressive life for all Nepalis and for the advancement of unity, harmony and fraternal relations among the Nepalis.

Extending best wishes for happiness, peace, good health and prosperity to all Nepali sisters and brothers at home and abroad, he has also appealed to all to engage in prosperity, good governance and the rebuilding of the country with new zeal, vigor and enthusiasm in the new year.

High-level of understanding, necessary prudence and efforts are desired between political parties to advance the country towards the era of development and prosperity, he said while noting that the Federal Parliament of Nepal is always striving to create quality laws for development, prosperity and good governance of the country.

“More efforts are needed to realize the people’s aspiration for development, stability and sustainable peace,” he has said in the message.


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