Speaker’s directive to government to correct lapses

Speaker Devraj Ghimire has directed the government to correct the lapses contained in the Budget Booklet.

In the second meeting of the House of Representatives today, he said weaknesses were seen in the Booklet and the province number of some provinces were mentioned there instead of the name of the province. He urged to government to correct this.

Some lawmakers had expressed their objection in the meeting citing the Booklet, under various topics related to the Ministry of Urban Development, mentioned Province No 5 instead of mentioning its name – Lumbini Province. The House was to hold discussions on the topics under the Ministry in the Appropriation Bill for Fiscal Year 2023/24.

The meeting was postponed for 15 minutes due to the protest by some lawmakers over this issue.

Following discussion with the representatives of the parties, Speaker ordered the government to correct the lapses.


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