Supreme Court Orders Affiliation for B&C Medical College in Jhapa

The Supreme Court has issued a landmark order to grant affiliation to B&C Medical College in Birtamode, Jhapa. The decision comes as a result of a legal battle initiated by Durga Prasai, the proprietor of the proposed medical college, against the Medical Education Commission.

The panel of judges comprising Dr. Kumar Chudal and Saranga Subedi issued the order, directing the authorities to provide affiliation to B&C Medical College upon the completion of necessary processes. The lawsuit, initiated by Prasai against the Medical Education Commission, challenged the Commission’s decision to deny authorization for the establishment of the medical college.

The contentious issue, which has been under judicial scrutiny, gained momentum when Prasai filed a writ petition against the Commission’s decision. The petition highlighted discrepancies in the Commission’s decision-making process, particularly concerning the establishment and operation of B&C Medical College in Jhapa.

The Supreme Court’s order marks a significant milestone in the ongoing legal battle, offering a ray of hope for the proponents of B&C Medical College.


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