Tensions Rise as Maoist Center Eyes National Assembly Chairmanship

The Maoist Center’s has stirred discontent and fury within the ranks of the Nepali Congress by asserting its claim to the position of Chairman of the National Assembly.

During a parliamentary party meeting held on Monday and Tuesday, the CPN (Maoist Center) discussed its pursuit of the coveted position, with a majority of leaders advocating for the party to nominate a candidate for the role.

Lawmaker Madhav Sapkota highlighted the party’s rationale, stating, “CPN (Maoist Center) being the largest party in the National Assembly, it’s natural for the party to aspire for the position.”

Pushpa Kamal Dahal, the Prime Minister and Chairman of the CPN (Maoist Center), expressed readiness to engage in discussions with other coalition members regarding the matter in the near future.

The CPN (Maoist Center) emerged victorious in the recent National Assembly election for 19 vacant seats, securing a total of 18 lawmakers in the upper house. However, tensions have risen within the party as leaders perceive the election results in the Koshi Province as an anti-coalition move by the Nepali Congress.

The Maoist Center’s decision to vie for the position of National Assembly Chairman has sparked fury and indignation among Nepali Congress members. In response, the Nepali Congress plans to nominate its own candidate for the position.

“The Nepali Congress candidate will garner the support of all coalition members,” affirmed Min Biswakarma, the chief of the Nepali Congress’ publicity department, indicating the party’s determination to contest the Maoist Center’s bid for the Chairman position.


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