Terror Strikes Near Moscow: Nepal Condemns Brutal Attack

Nepal’s government has vehemently denounced the recent terrorist onslaught that befell a musical concert near Moscow, claiming precious lives and injuring numerous innocents.

Expressing profound dismay, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Nepal issued a resolute statement on Saturday, condemning terrorism unequivocally in all its guises. “The government of Nepal, in line with its principled stance, firmly denounces terrorism and asserts the necessity for resolute action against it, wherever and whenever it rears its ugly head,” declared the ministry.

Offering heartfelt condolences and deepest sympathies, Nepal stands in solidarity with the Russian Federation and extends solace to the bereaved families and victims affected by this abominable act of violence.

“The government of Nepal wishes swift recovery for the wounded and advocates for the prompt apprehension and prosecution of the perpetrators of this heinous crime,” asserted the foreign ministry.

According to reports from Reuters, the attack, attributed to Islamic State militants, claimed the lives of at least 60 individuals and left over 145 injured. Verified footage depicted the harrowing scenes of concert-goers scrambling for safety amid relentless gunfire, with some tragically succumbing to the brutal assault while others lay motionless amidst pools of blood.

As investigations continue and the world grapples with the repercussions of this appalling incident, Nepal joins the international community in condemning terrorism and reaffirms its commitment to combating this scourge with unwavering resolve.


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