Top Traded Stocks: Himalayan Reinsurance, Ngadi Group Power, Reliable Nepal Life Insurance

In an impressive kickoff to the week, the Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) experienced a noteworthy surge, with a double-digit climb of 10.37 points, reaching a closing figure of 2094 points at the end of the first trading day.

Despite a downturn in the market until around 1 PM, a significant rebound was observed thereafter. The session saw NEPSE touching a minimum of 2075 points.

The day’s total transaction volume amounted to Rs 3.83 billion. Among the 173 companies whose share prices rose, 70 witnessed a decline, while 4 remained stable.

The hydro power sector took the lead among gainers with a growth of 1.33%. Additionally, the development bank sector rose by 1.22%, and the others group recorded an increase of 1.32%. On the contrary, the hotel and tourism sector experienced the most significant decline, dropping by 1.86%.

Notable mentions in the market include Mid-Solu Hydro Power, Upper Mailungkhola Hydro, and Samling Power, all witnessing a 10% increase in their values. Hathway Investment (8.7%), Mountain Hydro Nepal (7.9%), Asian Hydro Power (6.8%), and United Modi Hydro (6.4%) also observed substantial rises.

Conversely, Chandragiri Hills faced the most significant decline, dropping by 9.8%. Infinity Microfinance (-6.4%), Manakamana Smart Microfinance (-5.1%), and Unnati Cooperative Microfinance (-3.3%) experienced declines in their values.

In terms of trading volume, Himalayan Reinsurance, Ngadi Group Power, Reliable Nepal Life Insurance, Arun Valley Hydropower, and Hathway Investment Company were at the forefront.


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