Tourism and Development Drive Shift from Mud to Concrete Homes in Manang

Manang witnesses the gradual disappearance of traditional clay houses, as factors like increased tourism, Western cultural influence, and overall development reshape the architectural landscape. Locals cite practical issues such as water leakage and discomfort during rain as reasons behind the decline, with tourism demands accelerating the transition towards concrete structures.

Ram Gurung, a young businessman in the region, underscores the necessity of providing tourists with modern amenities, stating, “Services in old mud houses pose challenges, and tourists prefer modern conveniences.” Changing weather patterns, including increased rainfall, contribute to the deterioration of traditional mud houses, prompting locals like Gurung to embrace modern technology for construction.

Karmachiring Gurung, a resident, emphasizes the impact of evolving climate conditions, stating, “With more rain and less snow, building concrete houses becomes an obligation.” Concerns are raised about the fading legacy of traditional houses, prompting a call for collaboration between local authorities, residents, and the government to safeguard Manang’s cultural treasures.

Preserving the historical significance of Manang’s iconic houses emerges as a crucial task. The community must raise awareness and actively participate in the conservation efforts to ensure the protection of Manang’s rich architectural heritage for future generations.


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