TRC Bill in Final Stage, Affirms Minister Giri

Law, Justice, and Parliamentary Affairs Minister Padam Giri has stated that the Bill on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and Commission of Inquiry on Missing Citizens (TRC) is in its final stage.

Speaking at a public dialogue program held today in Mahashila Rural Municipality of Parbat, Minister Giri mentioned that the bill will soon be finalized. He further informed that although most points have been agreed upon, there are still some outstanding issues.

“The bill has undergone discussions at various stages among leaders of different political parties, and parliamentary committees have also deliberated on it extensively. While there is consensus on the majority of points, we are yet to resolve certain issues and come to a final decision,” he said.

Minister Giri emphasized that the parties are committed to bringing the bill forward, especially to deliver justice to the victims. He expressed confidence that the bill will be submitted to the parliament shortly, given its advanced stage. Additionally, he assured that once passed, it will be done so with thorough preparation and consensus, ensuring minimal opposition.


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