Two months after season, orange fetches threefold price

: Farmers in Tehrathum district have got threefold prince of the orange after two months of the season thanks to facility of modern cold store.

Orange was priced Rs 60 per kg. But after this citrus fruit was kept in Myanglung Cold Store for preservation for two months, it now cost Rs 200 per kg.

The cold store with 1,000 metric tonnes of capacity is in operation for some year here. It was built at financial assistance worth Rs 30 million from the Koshi Province government and in partnership with the Myanglung municipality and Kiyachu Agriculture Cooperatives.
Farmers were able to reap more benefits after their produces earned three times more money than the original price in the local market, shared Menuka Kumari Shrestha of Myanglung municipality-2. According to her, they are paying Rs 2.50 per kg for using storage facility in the cold store.

She explained, “Oranges were not being sold out in winter and chances were that the produces could perish in the groove. Even if they were sold, the traders were belittling it- only Rs 50 per kg. We are happy that oranges are sold at threefold price at present.”

Similarly, Motiram Tumbahangphe of Myanglung-2 shared that they were fearful of oranges getting spoilt while storing for they lacked the experience of using cold storage facility.

He recalled, “Friends had suggested me not to store oranges in the cold store. But if we pay attention in cutting and labeling while storing, the produces will stay fresh and tasty.”

Cold store manager Kumari Limbu said they were sensitizing farmers about the cold store since many of them were still unaware about its benefit.

Presently, there are 3,000 kg of kiwi, 2,000 kg of oranges in the cold store. Preparation is afoot to store seedling of potato as well, informed manager Limbu.

Sellers alike, consumers are also buoyed for being able to buy and consume oranges even in spring season.


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