Varied Weather Conditions Across Nepal

In a recent update from the Weather Forecasting Division, Nepal is experiencing a diverse range of weather patterns attributed to the partial effect of westerly winds sweeping through the region. The country is witnessing a stark contrast in weather conditions, with clear skies dominating most parts while hilly areas undergo a partial transformation.

Notably, the Terai-Madhesh region is currently grappling with dense fog, significantly impacting visibility in various locations. Furthermore, a cold wave has tightened its grip on some districts in the Madhesh province, exacerbating the chilly conditions.

As the day progresses, the hilly areas are expected to experience clear weather with intermittent normal showers. There is also a potential for snowfall in the high hills and mountains in specific regions of the country.

The Weather Forecasting Division has issued a forecast for light snowfall tonight in the high hilly and Himalayan regions of Koshi, Bagmati, and Gandaki provinces. The public is urged to exercise caution, particularly in these areas, as potential snowfall in the highlands and the Himalayan regions may coincide with widespread fog in the Terai.

Anticipating the disruptive nature of these weather conditions, the Division has warned that daily life, health, transportation, and air services may be significantly affected. As temperatures continue to drop, the Division is advising the public to take necessary precautions to cope with the increasing cold, emphasizing the importance of staying informed and prepared during this period of fluctuating weather.


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