Weather Update: Light Rain Expected Across Nepal Today

The Weather Forecasting Division under the Department of Hydrology and Meteorology has forecasted light rain and varying weather conditions across different provinces of Nepal today, influenced by westerly winds.

The overall weather outlook indicates generally cloudy conditions in Koshi, Madhes, and Bagmati provinces, while the hilly regions of Sudurpaschim, Karnali, Lumbini, and Gandaki provinces are expected to experience partly cloudy weather. The rest of the country is anticipated to have mainly fair conditions.

Throughout the day, the weather is expected to be partly to generally cloudy nationwide. Light to moderate rain is likely in a few places of Karnali, Sudurpashchim Province, and Lumbini Province, with isolated occurrences in Lumbini, Gandaki, Bagmati, and Koshi provinces. There is also a possibility of light snowfall in some high hilly and mountainous regions of the country.

In the hilly regions, both Koshi and Gandaki provinces may experience light to moderate rain at isolated places, while light snowfall is expected in select high hilly and mountainous areas.

Residents and travelers are advised to stay informed about the local weather conditions and take necessary precautions as per the forecasts provided by the authorities.


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