Youth are also the stakeholders of the present: Prime Minister Prachanda

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has said that the government is working for meaningful participation of youth in every sector of the society.

Addressing the Nepal Youth Entrepreneurship Summit 2080 here this morning, he said that creation of youth-friendly investment environment, start-up, innovation and entrepreneurship, credit facilities have been prioritized to promote the involvement of Nepali youth in the country.

Informing that the government has announced that the financial year 2080-81 will be observed as the year of youth entrepreneurship, he said that the enthusiasm and participation of the youth is also needed to get positive results from it.

He also expressed the commitment to implement the positive conclusions of the summit organized with the aim of promoting and encouraging youth entrepreneurship.

Mentioning that present time is special in terms of demographic dividend as the youth population is high in the country, Prime Minister Prachanda said that we should focus on the overall development of the youth without losing on the demographic dividend.

“The government is committed to making the Nepali youth not only the leaders of the future but also the stakeholders of the present”, he said while adding that the national youth policy and the plans and programs specified by the government would be timely for the same.

Emphasizing that the knowledge, skills, competence, ability and experience of the youth should be mobilized in nation building initiatives, he said change, development and transformation of the country is not possible without thinking about the future of millions of Nepali youths currently abroad. “We also have the responsibility of creating an environment where the youth can see their future within the country.”


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