‘Zero tolerance for corruption, Peace process to conclude in two years’

The government has announced its firm commitment to adopting a zero tolerance policy against corruption, which will be implemented with strict measures. President Ram Chandra Paudel conveyed this message while presenting the government’s comprehensive policies and programs during a joint meeting of the federal parliament, consisting of the House of Representatives (HoR) and the National Assembly, held earlier today.

President Paudel emphasized that the government will not tolerate any form of corruption and will take stringent actions against those found guilty. This resolute stance reflects the government’s unwavering dedication to combating corruption and fostering transparency in governance.

Furthermore, the President asserted that individuals engaged in illicit activities such as black marketing and monopolistic practices will also face discouragement and appropriate legal consequences. By addressing these issues, the government aims to promote fair and competitive market conditions that benefit the overall welfare of the people.

In addition to the anti-corruption measures, President Paudel highlighted the government’s commitment to concluding the remaining tasks of the peace process within the next two years.


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