165 Arrested and Rs 3.46 Million Seized in Tihar Gambling Raids

Law enforcement authorities cracked down on illegal gambling activities during the Tihar festival, resulting in the arrest of 165 individuals. The police conducted raids at various locations, including 13 in Kathmandu, four in Lalitpur, and two in Bhaktapur, leading to the apprehension of suspects involved in gambling. During the operations, a substantial amount of Rs 3.46 million was seized from the dens where punters were engaged in illicit gambling activities.

Additionally, eight individuals were arrested for the illegal supply of firecrackers during the festival, emphasizing the authorities’ commitment to maintaining safety and curbing unauthorized activities that pose risks to public well-being.

Despite the festive atmosphere, the Tihar festival witnessed challenges in terms of fire incidents. In the Kathmandu Valley alone, 14 fire-related cases were reported, resulting in property losses exceeding Rs 87.7 million. Tragically, one fatality occurred in a fire incident at Lokanthali of Madhyapur Thimi municipality-1, where an 80-year-old individual lost their life during the Laxmi Puja evening.

Furthermore, road accidents marred the festival, with seven individuals losing their lives, and 330 sustaining injuries in various incidents within the Kathmandu Valley. The police recorded cases of property theft, amounting to around Rs 10 million, leading to the arrest of seven suspects involved in these criminal activities.

The crackdown on gambling extended beyond the Kathmandu Valley, with 21 arrests in Nuwakot and 13 in Salyan for similar offenses during the Tihar festival, reinforcing the authorities’ efforts to maintain law and order during festive celebrations.


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