18-Year-Old Khatun Becomes Minister for an Hour in Madhesh Province

In an inspiring and groundbreaking event organized by Plan International Nepal, 18-year-old Rajina Khatun, a dedicated student in grade 9, achieved a momentous milestone by becoming the Education and Culture Minister of Madhesh province for one hour. This extraordinary opportunity took place on Wednesday during a special program commemorating the International Day of the Girl Child.

During the symbolic handover ceremony, Minister Mahesh Prasad Yadav generously passed on his ministerial responsibilities and even his chair to Rajina, who represented girls from the Muslim community and differently-abled individuals. This gesture was a powerful statement aimed at boosting the morale of girls studying in class 9, particularly in the Janakandani Rural Municipality.

Rajina Khatun, hailing from a marginalized Muslim community, exemplifies unwavering determination and courage. Her brief tenure as the Honorable Minister Mahesh Prasad Yadav was a powerful statement advocating for quality and inclusive education for all, regardless of background or abilities.

Despite facing personal challenges, including a disability, Rajina aspires to become a doctor, recognizing that quality education is the key to achieving her dreams. During her brief tenure as Minister, she shared her aspirations and concerns, emphasizing the need for improved access to computer skills. Rajina mentioned, “I dream to become a doctor. For this, I need quality education. I need to learn computer skills at school, but the computer lab is mostly closed in my school. I only got to learn about computers two times when I was in grade 8.”

Plan International Nepal, with its commendable initiative on the International Day of the Girl Child, strives to enhance the self-esteem of girls and empower them to excel in various positions while actively engaging in developmental activities. Rajina Khatun’s temporary role as Education and Culture Minister serves as a beacon of hope and an important reminder that education is the key to unlocking dreams and potential, transcending societal barriers and limitations.


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