3 Murders in 35 Days: Bara’s Security Shaken and Under Scrutiny

A series of disturbing murders have occurred in the span of just 35 days in Bara district, leaving residents in fear and raising questions about their safety.

The latest victim, Rupesh Swarnakar, the principal of Bal Ekta Boarding School in Kalaiya, was brutally murdered on Monday, marking the third murder within the short timeframe. Prior to this, Indian citizen Ajit Kumar Singh was killed on 26 September, and 34-year-old Amresh Kumar Singh of Piparpati Pacharauta Municipality-1 in Bara fell victim to a heinous crime.

What is particularly unsettling is the diversity in the methods of murder, as Rupesh and Ajit were killed by bullets, while Amresh was attacked with sharp weapons. Such a range of violence suggests a significant lapse in the security system and law enforcement, with criminals seemingly able to carry out their actions with impunity.

Bara Police Spokesperson Deputy Superintendent of Police Dadhi Ram Neupane has provided some insight into the motives behind these brutal murders. According to him, the primary reason for these killings appears to be personal grievances, a concerning revelation considering the magnitude and frequency of these incidents.

Furthermore, the ease of access between India and Nepal seems to be contributing to this alarming trend. Criminals are taking advantage of the porous border and the ability to traverse between the two countries with relative ease. The fact that these crimes have been linked by authorities to the same route emphasizes the need for stronger cross-border security cooperation and measures to curb such acts of violence.

This disturbing series of murders in Bara is not only a grave cause for concern but also highlights the pressing need for a more robust and effective security sector. The government and local authorities must step up their efforts to ensure the safety and well-being of their citizens. As the investigation into these crimes continues, the community remains on edge, anxiously waiting for justice to be served and for their safety to be restored.


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