Anbukhaireni Rural Municipality Exports Marigold to Qatar

Tanahun, November 13: Anbukhaireni Rural Municipality in Tanahun district has achieved a significant milestone by exporting marigold flowers to Doha, Qatar, for the first time. The exported marigold flowers were cultivated and produced by the Yanchok Mothers’ Group and Andhimul Mothers’ Group.

This development marks a shift in the trend, putting an end to the practice of importing flowers, as Anbukhaireni embraces commercial flower production. Chairwoman of the Yanchok Mothers’ Group, Sunita Alemagar, expressed her enthusiasm about the positive impact on the women in the village who have generated substantial income from selling flowers in recent days.

The Rural Municipality Office played a pivotal role in supporting women’s income generation through flower production by providing technical assistance and grants for flower seeds. Santosh KC, Chief of the Agriculture Section of Anbukhaireni Rural Municipality, informed that a total of 85 kilograms of marigold produced across 21 ropani of land by the two groups were exported to Qatar. The marigold was reportedly sold at Rs 550 per kilogram.

The Sudan Flower of Doha’s Regency Market facilitated the order and import of marigold flowers from Anbukhaireni, showcasing the potential for rural areas to contribute to international markets through agricultural products.


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