Annual Report of Brigade of Gurkhas Presented to President

In a ceremony held today at the Presidential Palace, British Army Lieutenant General and Colonel Commandant Brigade of Gurkhas, Richard Wardlaw OBE, presented the annual report of the Brigade for the year 2023 to President Ramchandra Paudel. The event was attended by high-ranking officials, including British ambassador to Nepal, Rob Fenn.

During the presentation, President Paudel emphasized the shared goals of Nepal and the United Kingdom in promoting world peace, stability, and independence. He highlighted the necessity of combined efforts to achieve these objectives. The President acknowledged the Gurkha Regiment as a crucial tool in fostering connectivity between Nepal and the UK.

President Paudel expressed hope that the UK would respond generously to diplomatic efforts regarding issues related to ex-British armies, underlining the importance of resolving such matters in a cordial manner. The Gurkha Regiment, he stated, plays a pivotal role in strengthening the ties between the two nations, and their continued cooperation is vital for the collective welfare of both countries.

Lieutenant General Wardlaw, in his presentation, praised not only the United Kingdom but the entire world for recognizing the professionalism, dedication, and competency of Gurkha armies. He emphasized that as long as British Gurkhas exist, they will continue to serve as the finest ambassadors for the federal democratic republic of Nepal.

The annual report highlighted the significant contributions made by the Brigade of Gurkhas in ensuring global safety. Despite facing international uncertainties, the Gurkhas have consistently upheld their prestige and effectiveness. The report outlined various missions and activities undertaken by the Brigade throughout the year, showcasing their commitment to maintaining peace and security on a global scale.

British ambassador Rob Fenn, attending the event, reiterated the UK’s appreciation for the Gurkha Regiment and its continued collaboration with Nepal. He emphasized the importance of the Gurkhas in international peacekeeping efforts and their role in enhancing the relationship between the two nations.

The ceremony marked not only a formal presentation of the annual report but also an opportunity to strengthen the diplomatic ties and mutual understanding between Nepal and the United Kingdom. The commitment to world peace and the acknowledgment of the Gurkhas’ contributions underscored the enduring partnership between these two nations.


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