‘Big Powers Must Act to Halt Genocidal War’

Former Prime Minister of Nepal and Chairman of the Nepal Samajwadi Party, Baburam Bhattarai, expressed his deep concern over the continued conflict in Palestine and criticized the international community, particularly the so-called Big Powers, for their failure to halt the genocidal war in the region.

In a tweet posted on October 28, Bhattarai condemned the ongoing violence in Palestine, stating, “It’s a big shame on the international community, especially the so-called Big Powers, that they have utterly failed to stop the genocidal war in Palestine.” He urged for immediate action, including a ceasefire and an end to the inhuman blockade of Gaza by Israel, emphasizing that these measures could have been achieved if Western powers had the will to do so.

Bhattarai refrained from assigning blame for the current crisis, noting that the conflict had persisted for 75 years with intermittent pauses. He stressed that the situation would continue to result in an unimaginable loss of life and property unless a two-state solution with safe borders for both Palestine and Israel is achieved. He warned that history would harshly judge the Big Powers, particularly the USA, if they failed to intervene to end this “enormous human folly” in a timely manner.


To underline the gravity of the situation, Bhattarai quoted Albert Einstein, who famously said, “I don’t know with what weapons the Third World War will be fought; but I know that the Fourth World War will be fought with stone and sticks.” This quote serves as a stark reminder of the potential consequences of inaction in the Palestine conflict.

Bhattarai’s strong statement highlights the urgency of addressing the ongoing conflict and calls upon the international community to take immediate steps towards a peaceful resolution to avoid further loss of life and devastation in the region.


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