Bijaya Dashami Today: 11:02 am, The Sacred Moment for Tika Blessings

Throughout the nation, the 10th day of the Bada Dashain festival, also known as Bijaya Dashami, is being celebrated with fervor and devotion on Tuesday, as families come together to receive tika and blessings from their elders.

According to the Nepal Calendar Determination Committee, the auspicious hour for receiving tika is set at 11:02 am. This moment holds deep significance in the hearts of Nepalese people.

While 11:02 am is designated for receiving the Prasad of Devi, the entire day following the immersion of the Goddess remains an auspicious time for devotees to partake in this sacred ritual.

The formal conclusion of the nine-day worship of Sri Durga Bhawani at Dasainghars leads to Bijaya Dashami. It is on this day that Abhishekh, the sprinkling of holy water, marks the commencement of the tika ceremony.

Families and friends come together during this festive period to exchange tika and jamara, which are considered auspicious gifts from the goddess Nawa Durga and symbolize prosperity.

A noteworthy belief associated with Bijaya Dashami is that one need not seek an auspicious hour for initiating new endeavors, campaigns, or journeys on this special day, as the occasion itself is considered highly propitious.

Bijaya Dashami, rooted in the celebration of truth’s triumph over evil and the victory of divine forces over demonic forces, holds a significant place in the hearts of the Nepalese people, symbolizing the enduring values of courage, goodness, and unity.


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