Chairman Nepal Hints at Possible Re-election in Koshi Province

Madhav Kumar Nepal, the Chairman of the CPN Unified Socialist Party, has suggested the likelihood of a re-election taking place in the Koshi province. Chairman Nepal made these remarks during an event organized by the Unified Trade Union Federation, a sister organization of his party, on Saturday.

During the program, Chairman Nepal emphasized that Koshi province faces a crucial decision, with only two viable options on the table: proceeding with fresh elections or forming a coalition government. He expressed his party’s preparedness to participate in any upcoming elections.

He articulated, “The current choices before us are to unite, extend support to others, or conduct elections. These choices do not concern us. According to the calculations of our allies, our party stands to make significant gains even in a potential election. Meanwhile, other political entities have experienced a decline in their support, raising concerns that they may not secure more than 20 seats in the next election.”

Chairman Nepal also defended his party’s integrity, firmly stating that they are not involved in corruption, and thus, they should not be unduly alarmed by accusations made against them.



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