Kathmandu Mayor Balen Shah Graces Cannes Film Festival Red Carpet

Balen Shah, the dynamic mayor of Kathmandu metropolis, has made a notable appearance at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival. Shah shared pictures of himself attending the red carpet event on social media on Friday evening.

Dressed in an elegant Nepali attire, daura suruwal, befitting the occasion, Shah posted a photo with the caption, “For the premiere of Megalopolis by Francis Ford Coppola at the Cannes Film Festival. Thank you, Mayor David Lisnard, for the invitation.” The post quickly garnered widespread attention, reflecting the excitement and pride of Nepalese citizens.

Shah was accompanied by management consultant Kumar Vyanjankar and infrastructure consultant Sunil Lamsal, indicating a blend of cultural diplomacy and professional engagement. This marks a significant moment for Kathmandu, showcasing its presence on a global platform known for celebrating cinematic artistry and international collaborations.

During his three-day visit to the festival, Shah is scheduled to participate in a variety of events, engaging with global leaders, filmmakers, and cultural icons. His itinerary underscores a commitment to fostering international relationships and exploring opportunities for cultural and infrastructural development in Kathmandu.

Mayor Shah plans to return to Kathmandu on Jestha 7, bringing back experiences and insights from one of the world’s most glamorous and influential festivals.


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