Chhath, a Festival of Social and Cultural Harmony, Says Deuba

Sher Bahadur Deuba, the President of the Nepali Congress and former Prime Minister, has expressed that all festivals in the country are emblematic of our social connections and cultural concord. In a heartfelt message conveying best wishes on the occasion of Chhath festival, Deuba emphasized that festivals play a crucial role in fostering a sense of collectiveness, laying the groundwork for unity, and promoting harmony.

Sending warm wishes for happiness, peace, prosperity, and success to all during this festive period, Deuba highlighted Nepal as a nation rich in diverse festivals, religious and cultural traditions, and characterized by a tradition of mutual respect for each other’s religious and cultural practices.

Leader Deuba expressed his hope that the celebration of the Chhath festival would serve as an inspiration for everyone to actively contribute to the promotion of social harmony. He encouraged the creation of an environment marked by joy, peace, and prosperity. The message reflects the essence of Chhath as not just a religious festival but a celebration that unites people, fostering understanding and goodwill among diverse communities in Nepal.


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