Chhath Festival Commences Today in Nepal

Kathmandu, November 19: The Chhath festival, a prominent celebration in Nepal, especially observed in the Tarai region, begins today with devout worshippers paying homage to the sun. This festival holds significant cultural and religious importance, and its observance involves rituals dedicated to the sun deity.

A key aspect of the festival is the worship of the setting sun by offering ‘argha,’ a ritual that symbolizes respect and gratitude. The same process will be repeated on Monday morning to conclude the festival, with worshippers offering prayers to the rising sun.

As part of the festivities, participants traditionally observe a fast and stay awake throughout the night, engaging in prayers that lead up to the sunrise on the following morning. The banks of rivers, streams, and ponds throughout the country are adorned with decorations in preparation for the Chhath festival.

The festival carries a deep-rooted belief that fasting in honor of the Chhathi goddess will bring about desired outcomes, ensuring the well-being of families. It is believed that through these rituals, the troubles and sorrows of individuals will dissipate.

In acknowledgment of the cultural significance of the Chhath festival, the federal government has declared today a public holiday, allowing people to actively participate in the celebrations and rituals associated with this auspicious occasion.


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