China Disappearing Act: CCP Ministers Wang Yi and Li Qiang Raise Concerns

In a surprising turn of events, the list of missing Chinese Communist Party (CCP) ministers continues to grow, with the latest additions being the notable “wolf warrior” and current Foreign Minister, Wang Yi. Rumors circulating suggest that Wang Yi has been ordered to engage in self-criticism at home, reportedly stemming from an incident that embarrassed CCP leader Xi Jinping at the BRICS Summit 2023.

The incident in question involved Xi Jinping’s interpreter being obstructed by security personnel, resulting in several embarrassing moments for the Chinese leader. While the exact details of the incident remain unclear, many believe that it played a role in Wang Yi’s sudden disappearance from public view.

There is substantial speculation surrounding the authenticity of these rumors, and some analysts believe that there is merit to the claims. Evidence supporting these suspicions includes Wang Yi’s absence from important diplomatic events. Notably, Wang Yi did not accompany Chinese Premier Li Qiang to the G20 Summit in India, a prominent international gathering.

Furthermore, it has been confirmed that Wang Yi will not be attending the annual United Nations General Assembly in New York, a significant diplomatic forum where China typically maintains a strong presence. His absence from these key events has only fueled speculation about his current situation.

In a curious development, Li Zhaoxing, a former Chinese Foreign Minister who has been retired for 16 years and is now 83 years old, recently reemerged to represent the CCP at the 7th China-Australia High-Level Dialogue. This unexpected appearance raises questions about the capacity and availability of qualified individuals within the CCP’s diplomatic system.

The disappearance of high-ranking CCP officials, particularly within the foreign affairs apparatus, has led some to wonder if Xi Jinping is reminiscing about his former Foreign Minister Qin Gang. Qin Gang was known for his meticulous attention to detail, even counting the steps of museum staircases during Xi Jinping’s overseas visits.

As the mystery surrounding the missing ministers deepens, it raises concerns about the state of China’s foreign relations and the dynamics within the CCP leadership. The public remains eager for answers as the political intrigue continues to unfold.


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