Compensation Process Begins for Nepalis in Russian Army: Foreign Minister

Foreign Minister Narayankaji Shrestha today announced that the government has initiated the process of compensating and providing insurance to the families of Nepalis who lost their lives while serving in the Russian army.

During a session of the House of Representatives, Minister Shrestha responded to inquiries by affirming the government’s commitment to repatriating Nepali citizens currently serving in the Russian military. He disclosed that the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has indicated a willingness, in principle, to assist in repatriation efforts by terminating their contracts.

However, Minister Shrestha clarified that the specifics of this assistance are still under consideration. He noted that the Nepali Embassy in Moscow is actively pursuing the matter, including efforts to facilitate the return of Nepali soldiers held captive in Ukraine.

In addressing the situation of Nepali nationals serving in the Russian army and those detained in Ukraine due to recruitment by the Russian military, Minister Shrestha reiterated the government’s unwavering commitment to resolving the issue comprehensively.

The government’s proactive measures underscore its dedication to ensuring the well-being and safety of Nepali citizens abroad, particularly those serving in foreign militaries amidst international conflicts. The ongoing efforts aim to provide support to affected families and facilitate the safe return of Nepali nationals caught in complex geopolitical situations.


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