Counterfeit Nepali and Indian Identity Cards Confiscated from Chinese Gold Smuggler

Links Emerge to Chinese Embassy Officials

In a startling development, it has come to light that individuals implicated in the gold smuggling operation have obtained Nepali citizenship, passports, and Indian Aadhaar cards with alleged assistance from officials at the Chinese embassy. These individuals, who are believed to be part of Chinese criminal networks involved in various illicit activities within Nepal, are purportedly utilizing these forged documents to carry out crimes and extortion on behalf of the Chinese government.

A credible source has revealed that the criminal group responsible for manufacturing counterfeit citizenship papers, passports, and Indian Aadhaar cards had established ongoing communication with certain personnel from the Chinese embassy situated in Nepal and India. This revelation points to a disturbing level of collaboration between criminal elements and embassy officials.

Further investigations indicate that members of this criminal syndicate, who maintain close relationships with high-ranking security agency officials, senior political leaders, and journalists, have successfully acquired fabricated official identity cards from both Nepal and India.

These fraudulent identity cards were recently discovered in the possession of six Chinese nationals who were apprehended by the Central Bureau of Investigation on charges related to gold smuggling.

Among the individuals in custody, Ding Seng Fa, known as Sauten, possessed a Chinese passport with the number EE 7295379 HRI. Curiously, Ding, who originally received the passport from China on November 30, 2018, was residing in Nepal under the false identity of Kavre, Ram Lama. He held a Nepali citizenship number 303041-2254 and passport number 12589457, both issued by the District Administration Office Kavrepalanchok. Strikingly, Ding was issued a Nepali passport on December 23, 2021, despite his existing Chinese passport.

Another member of the group, Li Wen-t Song, adopted the alias Chiring Lama and managed to acquire both Nepali citizenship and a passport through the Citizenship and Passport Department of Kavre district administration. Originally hailing from New Taipei City, China, Li utilized the false Nepali citizenship number 27320644921 and passport number 12623045.

Li Nengkai, a Chinese resident of Yuan City, transformed into Sonam Lama in Nepal, with a Nepali citizenship number 303042-2254 and passport number 12589456, both issued by Kavre DAO.

The investigation also unveiled an Indian Aadhaar card in the possession of the arrested Yao PUcheng, whose Chinese passport number is EB 0563022. However, the Aadhaar card bore the name Alex Newmei H, with Aadhaar card number 886962719669345P. The address listed on the Aadhaar card was Sector 42 Golf Course Road, Chakrapur(74) Gurugram.

Similarly, Thupten Chiring, known as Tasi, held an Indian Aadhaar card with the number 408 302 744 248. It has been previously disclosed that Tasi is a Chinese citizen of Tibetan origin. His Indian address is Thupting Yanting House No-158 Block No-7 Manjuka Tilla, Civil Lines, North Delhi.

Additionally, Dawa Chiring, a Belgian citizen of Chinese descent, has emerged as a central figure in the gold smuggling case involving Chinese elements in Nepal. Based on recovered documents, Dawa Chiring holds Nepali citizenship number Napran-30-01-74-11868, issued by the District Administration Office Kavre on the date 2074.Pus 20.

Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG) Kuber Kadayat, the Police Spokesman, reported that the Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) has intensified its investigation following the discovery of Nepali citizenship and Indian Aadhaar cards among the belongings of the arrested Chinese nationals connected to the smuggling of 61 kg of gold from Hong Kong, concealed within a motorcycle’s brake fluid. Among the detainees, two possessed Indian Aadhaar cards, while four held Nepali citizenship. Notably, three Chinese individuals possessed citizenship certificates from the District Administration Office Kavrepalanchok, and one from the District Administration Office Kathmandu.

To date, 23 individuals, including these suspects, have been arrested in connection with the gold smuggling case, and the CIB’s investigation is ongoing.

A month ago, the Revenue Investigation Department seized 155 kg of gold coins that were on the verge of being smuggled through customs at Tribhuvan International Airport. After two weeks of initial investigation, the case was handed over to the Police’s CIB for further thorough examination.


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