Dalit Community Takes Initiative for Cultural Conservation in the Face of Modernization Challenges

Rampur (Palpa), Nov 16: The rich tapestry of traditional cultural values and practices is facing a steady decline in the wake of modernization’s encroachment into society. This shift is particularly noticeable during the celebration of festivals such as Tihar, where modernization has introduced extravagance, altering the essence of cultural programs like Deusi-Bhailo.

The Shrijansheel Dalit Liberation Society in Rajghara, Rampur Municipality-3, recognizing the sidelining of traditional cultural values in the face of modernization, has embarked on a mission to preserve and promote traditional culture. In response, the society has launched a collective Deusi-Bhailo campaign to prevent the dilution of traditional practices in the celebration of cultural festivals.

Dev Bahadur BK, President of the Shrijansheel Dalit Liberation Society, expressed concern over the loss of originality in contemporary Deusi-Bhailo cultural programs. He noted that the use of traditional musical instruments like dholak, jhurma, tyamko, narsingha, sahanai, and bikul has dwindled, with the younger generation opting for recorded music rather than playing these instruments themselves.

“The Deusi-Bhailo songs and performances are losing their originality. Anomalies have displaced the originality. The originality of our traditional practices, culture, and performing arts should be preserved. We are collectively working for the same in this campaign,” BK emphasized.

To support this initiative, the Society invested Rs 160,000 to purchase various traditional musical instruments last year. Mohan Bahadur BK, a senior member of the Society, expressed worry about the younger generation not following the originality of traditional culture and practices, attributing these changes to modernization.

Local youth, including Manu BK, involved in the campaign shared that house owners warmly welcome the Deusi-Bhailo cultural troupes, contributing money and gifts to preserve the originality of the tradition. The amount collected through Deusi-Bhailo will be utilized for social work.

The Deusi-Bhailo campaign aims to educate the new generation about old traditions and customs, urging them to celebrate festivals, culture, and rituals in their original form. A total of 80 Dalit families are associated with the Society, and the initiative has garnered local support, with residents appreciating the efforts to preserve the authenticity of cultural celebrations.

Amidst the impact of western culture and the tendency to prioritize entertainment over tradition, the Dalit community’s proactive approach through Deusi-Bhailo is seen as a positive step to curb anomalies and protect the originality of cultural practices. The disappearing tradition of playing Deusi-Bhailo in the rhythm of traditional instruments like Khaijadi, madal, majura, and basuri is being revived through such initiatives. The Society’s efforts align with the need to safeguard cultural heritage and rituals from the influences of modernization, fostering a deeper appreciation for the richness of traditional practices during festivals like Tihar.


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