Defense Minister Dismisses Rumors About Yam Prasad Adhikari as Future CoAS

Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister, Purna Bahadur Khadka, has quashed recent rumors surrounding the potential appointment of Brigadier General Yam Prasad Adhikari as the future army chief. Reports had suggested that Adhikari, a former Maoist combatant, had his term extended with the aim of positioning him for this role.

Speaking at an event in Kathmandu on Monday, Khadka clarified that Adhikari’s term had been extended for three years in accordance with the Army Act and regulations, based on his age and years of service. Khadka strongly refuted the rumors of any behind-the-scenes efforts to maneuver Adhikari into the army’s top position, emphasizing the importance of adhering to established standards and regulations for the appointment of an army chief. He stated, “There are certain standards for an army chief. I cannot even imagine the government, the Defense Ministry, or myself deviating even a bit from the Army Regulations.”


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