Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister Stress Caution Against Those Disturbing Social Harmony

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Defence, Purna Bahadur Khadka, issued a stern warning today against actions that undermine the social fabric and harmony of the nation.

Addressing the public during the inauguration of the Ward Office building and Health Post block in Changunarayan Municipality, Ward Number 5, DPM Khadka highlighted the concerning rise in attempts to disrupt the long-standing social unity that has characterized Nepali society. He emphasized that such actions, under various pretexts, are endangering the social harmony that has been nurtured over centuries.

Khadka called upon citizens of all ethnicities, linguistic backgrounds, and geographical locations to unite under the common goal of preserving national unity and integrity. He expressed that Nepal’s diverse communities have coexisted harmoniously for generations without conflicts based on these lines. The Defence Minister cautioned against divisive elements that seek to exploit ethnic and communal differences for their own gain.

“In order to protect our country’s sovereignty, maintain unity, and fulfill the aspirations of our people for development and prosperity, we must stand united,” Khadka proclaimed. He urged collaboration among federal, provincial, and local governments to promote national unity and social cohesion. Khadka emphasized the need for the government, elected representatives, and citizens to work hand-in-hand to achieve the nation’s development goals.

Several other prominent figures also echoed the call for development and unity. Lawmaker and Nepali Congress district committee president, Durlav Thapa, along with former Bagmati Province Minister, Krishna Lal Bhadel, stressed the importance of infrastructural development, urban planning, and improving healthcare and education services within the municipality.

As Nepal strives to navigate a path toward progress and modernization, the collective commitment to maintaining the country’s unique social fabric and unity remains crucial. The message from Deputy Prime Minister Purna Bahadur Khadka and other leaders resonates as a reminder of the nation’s shared values and the need to safeguard them against divisive forces.


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