Embassy of Pakistan Inaugurates Pakistan-Nepal Friendship Park in Kathmandu

The Embassy of Pakistan in Nepal organized the inauguration ceremony of the “Pakistan-Nepal Friendship Park” in Kathmandu. The event took place at the Bansbari Club, adjacent to Shahid Gangalal Hospital, and was attended by esteemed guests and representatives from various sectors.

The Chief Guest of the ceremony was Ambassador of Pakistan to Nepal, Abrar H Hashmi.

He expressed his gratitude to the city of Kathmandu and HRS Adventures Ltd for their partnership in developing the park. Ambassador Hashmi highlighted that the park symbolizes the enduring friendship between Pakistan and Nepal and reflects the strong bonds that exist between their people. He extended his heartfelt thanks to the administrator and Municipality of Kathmandu, as well as the government and people of Nepal, for providing the Embassy with an opportunity to contribute to the development of this beautiful park.

During the event, special guests including Prem Thapa, Chairperson of Ward No. 3, Kathmandu, Annanta Bhetwal, President of the Kathmandu Lion Club, Gyanedera Malla, former captain of the Nepal National Cricket Team, and Santosh Budathoki, Chairperson of the District Coordination Committee, expressed their gratitude to the Government of Pakistan for gifting the people of Nepal with an “Open Air Gym” facility within the park. They emphasized their hopes that the park would serve as a symbol of lasting friendship and cooperation between the two countries.

The Pakistan-Nepal Friendship Park has been dedicated to the shared aspirations and unending friendship between the people of Pakistan and Nepal. It is designed to be a common facility for individuals of all ages and from all walks of life, conveniently located within the Bansbari Club. The establishment of the “Open Air Gym” was particularly celebrated by participants from the Civil Society and local residents, who expressed their jubilation and appreciation to the Embassy and the local Municipality for providing such a valuable facility. They eagerly anticipated the usage of the gym by their children and individuals of all ages, as it would greatly benefit their health and well-being.



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