Envoy Adhikari visited Karachi; hold meeting with KCCI President and office bearers

Envoy of Nepal to Pakistan, Tapas Adhikari and the Karachi Chambers of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) President Mohammad Tariq Yousuf held a meeting on Monday.

Envoy Adhikari on Monday visited the Karachi Chambers of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) in Karachi and had a meeting with the Chamber President Mr. Mohammad Tariq Yousuf and office bearers of the Chamber.

During the meeting, envoy Adhikari shared the features of Nepal-Pakistan relations that both countries enjoy excellent bilateral relation based on friendship, mutual trust and cooperation and urged the business leaders of Karachi and Pakistan to translate the goodwill of two countries into economic cooperation and interactions.

He also shared that both countries are aspiring for development and need to maximize the economic opportunities whatever available with them. I

Similarly, ambassador Adhikari also shared the Government of Nepal economic policies to attract foreign direct investment that could be useful to them to promote trade and investment.

Furthermore, Adhikari said that as neighboring country, both Nepal and Pakistan have similar cultural and social backgrounds and shared that the Chamber has great role to mobilize the entrepreneurs and businessmen.

Moreover, ambassador Adhikari also suggested the chamber to visit Nepal for exploring business opportunity. He also shared that Nepal is a hub of tourism in South Asia and it has excellent hospitality industry.

He also suggested them to visit Nepal with friends and family for their business, official or family holidays to enjoy Nepali hospitality, food, culture and other tourism activities.

The President of the Chamber and members appreciated the visit and information on business opportunities in Nepal. They expressed their eagerness to work with the Embassy to strengthen economic relations between Nepal and Pakistan.

They assured that they will make a program to visit Nepal to explore business opportunities and to interact with Nepali businesspersons and assured full cooperation of Chamber to the Nepal Embassy in promoting Nepal-Pakistan economic relations.

During the programme, a large number of business leaders of Karachi and Nepal were present on the occasion. After the presentation of the Embassy, the programme was followed by interactions with business leaders.

The KCCI was established in 1959 with the amalgation of different trade bodies of Karachi namely Merchant Association, Buyers and Shippers Chamber, Chambers of Commerce and All Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry. Some of them have long history of pre-independence day Chambers.

Being as a center of trade, industry and finance of Pakistan, KCCI represents business and industrial community of Karachi which contributs more than 65 percent of revenue to the national exechequer of Pakistan.

It is a Chamber of 22 million residents of Karachi and the largest Chambers of Pakistan.


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