Faith leaders jointly appeal for religious harmony

Faith leaders have jointly appealed for keeping religious good will and harmony in the country.

The heads of the leading religious organizations issued the joint appeal calling for peace and harmony after their meeting at the Ministry of Home Affairs.

It may be noted that Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Narayankaji Shrestha took the initiative for the same.

The faith leaders called for all not to participate in any unconstitutional and illegal activities and to remain active in promoting religious, social and cultural harmony.

They expressed concerns over gradual rise in the activities hurting others’ religion, community, faith, behaviour, culture and practice by presenting oneself in anarchic and irate manner.

According to the appeal, the religious leaders expressed displeasure over the unconstitutional and illegal activities meant for breaking mutually harmonious society in the name of religion and community.

Nepal is a sovereign, multilingual, multi-religious and multi-cultural with diversities and it is our religious culture to enhance mutual respect to any religion, community, caste, region and gender and keep mutual harmony, reads the appeal.

The appeal was signed by the heads and representatives of the World Hindu Federation National Committee, World Hindu Federation International Committee, Nepal Sanatan Religious Culture Organization, Hindu Jagaran Nepal, World Hindu Council Nepal, Shreekriushna Pranami Sewa Samiti, Nepal Bouddha Federation, Nepal Tamang Bouddha Gumba Sewa Samaj and Nepal Traditional Buddhist Association.

Likewise, representatives from All Nepal Saints Federation, Islami Association Nepal, Nepal Muslim Association, Nepal Muslim Etihad Organization, Muslim Liberation Front Nepal and National Christian Federation Nepal and Nepal Christian Society among others also signed the appeal.

During the discussion with religious leader, DPM Shrestha expressed grief over increasing incidents breaching religious good will of late.


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