Families Stage Protest at Russian Embassy, Demand Action for Citizens in Russian Army

Families and relatives of Nepali individuals serving in the Russian Army gathered in front of the Russian Embassy in Baluwatar, Kathmandu on Tuesday, staging a protest to demand better treatment and safety measures for their loved ones.

Brandishing placards with messages condemning the recruitment of Nepalis in the Russian army, the protesters called for an immediate end to such practices. They also highlighted the need for proper medical care for soldiers injured in conflict and urged for adequate compensation for families of Nepali soldiers who lost their lives serving in the Russian army.

During the demonstration, which drew attention from passersby and media alike, the protesters submitted a memorandum to the Russian Embassy outlining their grievances and demands. In the memorandum, they emphasized the urgency of securing the repatriation of Nepali citizens currently serving in the Russian army, stressing the need for the Russian government’s intervention.

“We urge the Russian government, through its embassy here, to facilitate the safe return of Nepali citizens from the Russian army and to implement measures to deter further enlistment of Nepali individuals,” stated the memorandum.

The protesters underscored the importance of ensuring the safety and well-being of Nepali citizens and urged the Russian government to take proactive steps to address the concerns raised by their families.

The demonstration comes amid growing concerns about the safety and treatment of Nepali citizens in the Russian army, prompting calls for action from both the Nepali government and international human rights organizations.


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