FNJ Urges Government for Media-Friendly Legislation

The Federation of Nepali Journalists (FNJ) has issued a fervent call to the government, urging it to expedite the formulation of media-related bills that adhere to the Constitution of Nepal, universal standards, and practices of freedom of the press and expression.

During a meeting of FNJ officers and members on Wednesday, it was unanimously agreed to encourage the government’s initiative to introduce media bills in the current session of parliament. However, the FNJ emphasized the importance of ensuring that the bills undergo thorough parliamentary scrutiny and consultation with relevant stakeholders, including the FNJ itself.

In light of the financial challenges confronting the media sector, the FNJ has appealed to the government to adopt policies aimed at safeguarding the media industry. This includes creating a conducive environment for media operations and enhancing the distribution of public welfare advertisements in a fair and equitable manner.

Furthermore, the FNJ has advocated for the classification and inclusion of new media platforms as eligible recipients of public welfare advertisements. Recognizing the evolving landscape of media consumption, the FNJ asserts that new media outlets should be afforded the same opportunities for government support as traditional media channels.

The FNJ’s stance underscores the importance of fostering a conducive environment for press freedom and ensuring the sustainability of the media industry in Nepal. As discussions on media-related legislation progress, the FNJ remains committed to advocating for the interests of journalists and promoting the principles of transparency, accountability, and freedom of expression in the country’s media landscape.


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