Nepal-US International Film Festival Underway

The 7th edition of the ‘Nepal-US International Film Festival’ has commenced in Maryland, USA. The festival kicked off with the US premiere of the film ‘Gaon Ayeko Bato’ (A Road to a Village) by Director Nabin Subba.

A total of 35 films, including documentaries, short movies, and animations from Nepal, the US, Iran, Germany, Pakistan, and 11 other countries, will be screened, according to festival Director Purna Singh Baraili.

The festival aims to connect the art, culture, tradition, and knowledge of Nepal and the US through movies. The films chosen for this edition are those that tell stories of Nepali’s ordinary life and the Diaspora, Baraili said.

Awards will be given to the best films screened at the festival, which will run until June 23.

Speaking at the inaugural ceremony, actor Dayahang Rai emphasized that such events will help promote Nepali films. “The festival organized by Nepalis living in the US will increase the audience of Nepali movies,” he said.

The festival is organized by the Nepal US Film Society.


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