Foreign Minister NP Saud Calls for Developing Countries to Lead Climate Change Efforts

Foreign Minister NP Saud delivered a compelling appeal to developed nations, urging them to grant developing countries a prominent role in combatting the adverse effects of climate change. His impassioned plea took place during an event hosted by the Parliamentarians Network for a Fossil Fuel Free Future on Sunday.

Minister Saud underscored the critical need for collaborative action, emphasizing the gravity of the situation at hand and the necessity to formulate a comprehensive action plan for the benefit of future generations. In his capacity as the Chair of the Global Coordination Bureau of the Least Developed Countries (LDCs), he elaborated on strategic measures for the gradual phase-out of fossil fuels.

During the event, Minister Saud called upon developed nations to fulfill their commitment to the Green Climate Fund by providing the pledged 100 billion USD and doubling this contribution by 2025. He stated, “We have consistently implored developed nations to ramp up clean energy production and reduce fossil fuel consumption. We beseech our development partners to support the expansion of clean and renewable energy adoption while facilitating technology transfer to LDCs.”

The Parliamentarians Network for a Fossil Fuel Free Future comprises over 550 legislators from more than 70 countries who advocate for a future devoid of fossil fuels. Their collective efforts reflect a growing global consensus on the imperative transition towards sustainable and cleaner energy sources.


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